Blind Contour Portrait Paintings

Students created portraits using blind contour drawings and analogous colors in order to understand why artists closely observe when they draw and might use a limited palette.

In this lesson for 4th-graders, students created blind contour self-portrait paintings. As a class, we spent a few days learning about artists like Allison Kunath who use blind contour drawing in their practice as well as practicing the process. Students drew themselves as well as other students and teachers. For the final drawing, students carefully observed themselves to create a self-portrait using blind contour lines. After transferring these drawings to canvas, students used analogous colors of their choice to paint. As a class, we discussed how colors can create a mood and what the impact of colors could be on our paintings. After this lesson, students understood why artists would use blind contours to carefully observe their subject and how analogous colors can be used in a painting.

Student Work


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