Public Servant Portrait Paintings

For their final project, students created portraits of public servants to understand color values and skin-tones

For our final project, students chose a portrait of a public servant from the area of Brooklyn around Pratt. Using their new knowledge of value and portraiture, students focused on mixing realistic colors to paint using acrylics. Over four weeks, students layered skin tones, glazed, and painted other features to create a realistic portrait. We spent the first week learning about how to mix different skin tones and placing down the first layer. Then students learned about how to create the background and how to mix colors for the eyes, teeth, and lips for the second week. Finally, students glazed and added details such as clothing and hair to their portrait. For the final show of their artwork, students chose where they would have liked to display their portrait as a public art piece. They looked at artists such as Dorothy Iannone, JR, and Ai Weiwei. Then the students found an image of where they would display the portrait and put the picture into photoshop. They wrote a statement about the person and where they would like to propose the portrait be placed for the community to see. This was presented to their parents at the end of the semester show.

Student Work


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