Teaching Portfolio

Below are lesson plans from student teaching at an Elementary School and a High School as well as Saturday Art School at Pratt Institute.  My resume outlines my teaching and professional experience. 

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    Blind Contour Portrait Paintings

    Students created portraits using blind contour drawings and analogous colors in order to understand why artists closely observe when they draw and might use a limited palette.

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    Collage Portraits

    Saturday Art School project where students create self portraits using collage materials and painted patterns.

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    Community Buildings

    Students created two layer collagraph prints that represent various architecture of buildings in the students' communities.   

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    Public Servant Portrait Paintings

    For their final project, students created portraits of public servants to understand color values and skin-tones

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    Subtractive Portrait

    Students created portraits of their loved ones with a subtractive process focusing on value as a part of a 10-week Saturday Art School program

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    Value Portraits

    Self-portraits with a strong difference in value created in Saturday Art School.

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